About us


Soccer Dynasty is a body setup by a former football player with Kazeem National FC Otukpo, Benue State, Nigeria, now a Computer Engineer, HSE Officer, Telecoms Personnel. Engr. Michael Itodo Agbo was moved by the difficulties ravaging Footballers, Ex- Footballers, Coaches and Agents as a result of lack adequate organization of footballer’s root development, progress documentation, preparation for international standard requirement for a bigger exploit, proper retirement plans etc. these eventually leaves the players in a state of loss and regret the rest of their lives.

Soccer Dynasty is out to ensure that these difficulties and others  are remove completely or adequately reduce to barest minimum, by establishing a coherent record of footballers, creating digital presence for players to the international communities, managing root development and keeping progress records, creating individual players performance digital archive as required, contract signing tips, footballer insurance education and procurement as may be needed, adequate training venues and kits, players retirement awareness, adding more value to footballers, Professional health service personnel advise, players farewell matches and other support to ensure meaningful exploits in the field of football.

Soccer Dynasty ultimately want to give football and footballers a total uplift and the corresponding development of football in the land, to keep a good record of all footballers that lived within our time,  and creating an arduous foundation for our successor to build upon, to maintain the legacy of footballers in Idomaland to retain its enviable position in our time and beyond.